Work highlights


heim is a modern, async and cross-platform library for system information fetching.
It aims to be the best possible option in the Rust language crates ecosystem and is used already in a big projects, such as Nu Shell.


battop is an interactive terminal viewer, similar to top or htop, but about the batteries installed in your notebook.
It is available for Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and DragonFlyBSD and can help you to profile the batteries usage in a nice form.


battery is a Rust library, which provides information about the notebook batteries installed.
It is cross-platform too and most notable users are battop app from above, Nu Shell, Starship shell prompt and Mozilla Servo (see #53)


Collection of the widely adopted GitHub Actions for Rust language CI/CD workflows.


Prometheus exporter for the Unbound DNS resolver.

Extra bonus: Grafana dashboard included!

other stuff

Can be found at my Github page.

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