Goodbye, HelloACY

Long time ago, me and my brother Kyle here me and my amazing friend Ivan had created a web-comics about our life as a freshmen of the local Institute of Technology. It was called HelloACY, because it had started as a parody to the Hello Cthulhu and “АСУ” (in Russian) was a letter code for our specialty (ICS in English, for Industrial Control Systems).

In the course of 122 issues we were joking about gaming, politics, beards, mandatory conscription, personal life crises, Matrix, Star Wars, Apple, Jimmy Wales and whatever else was interesting or funny for us back in the days.
I genuinely believe that this first big project of ours had affected both our lives in a good way: I started focusing more onto the web development field, which led me to the current point of my life and career, and Ivan now is a digital artist, gamemaker and author of a few more web-comics (he is literally a creativity concentrate, I’m not joking).

This web-comics ended at 2011, but because of the nostalgic feelings I kept the domain all this time.
Spring is a good time for a cleanup, so today is a last day for the project, which ended nine years ago.